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Enrique dropped from ABC's Off The Map

According to Entertainment Weekly, Enrique has been dropped from ABC's show, Off The Map, after only the pilot episode.

"Murciano played Manny Diaz in the pilot but Entertainment Weekly reports that he has now been dropped from future episodes.
The decision was allegedly made for creative reasons and the role is not expected to be recast."

Well there goes my only reason for watching it; I just saw the trailer and it looks pretty bad!

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Enrique to play a lead MD in "Off The Map"

"Without a Trace" alum Enrique Murciano has been tapped as a lead in the Shonda Rhimes-produced ABC drama pilot "Off the Map."

The project revolves around three doctors, each anxious for a fresh start. They leave the comfort of the States to work at an isolated tropical clinic where they face both exotic and unusual medical challenges as well as personal ones.

Murciano will play one of the three MDs, a former plastic surgeon who relocates to the tropic clinic run by a doctor played by recently cast Martin Henderson.

I'm not sure about the premise, so it probably won't get picked up, but I would absolutely love to see Enrique in something every week again, I miss his face <3

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Enrique Murciano to guest star on CSI episode "Coup de Grace"

Enrique is back in a crime drama role on October 15th when he guest stars in Season 10, episode 4 of CSI.

There is actually some confusion to the air date, can any CSI fans clarify for me? I don't watch the show so I'm not in keeping with when it airs. The Futon Critic states the air date is October 15th, while IMDB state the air date is October 22nd. Thanks.

WOO. Enrique is back on our screens... I will 'source' a copy of the episode, but hell if I'll know what on earth is going on!! XD